PathSet Music

Started uploading my creations to YouTube and finally have one I feel is worth sharing. Any feedback is welcome. I would love to get better at this.


Ooh, I’d love to know how you made the fluttering ambience here. Could you share a bit more about the routing for it?

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The Audible Instruments Texture Synthesizer is in Spectral Madness mode is doing a lot of the heavy lifting. And Plateau at the end; Reverb is live :).

The Texture Synthesizer has an Ochd modulating the Position Size and Density. Shifty is driving its Trigger and an Impromptu Flip Flop is toggling the Freeze on and off on it.

Its audio inputs are a polyphonic FM-OP on the left, playing parts of a Chord driven by Shifty and CordCV by Aaron Static. The right audio is a Befaco EvenVCO with two different waveforms being cross faded by your Xtenuat3hr.

The Plateau at the end also has some modulation driven by the Seq3 which is being clocked slowly by the Muxlicer.

Nice! Keep going…

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This new song game together surprising fast tonight. It contains an Ions sequencing the algorithm on an Orca’s Heart to create the melodic complexity. I hope you enjoy!


Demoing a secret sequencer I’ve been working on. The video cuts out a few times because I minimized VCV rack while recording, but I’m really happy with how this one sounds.


A hour and a half of ambient, unsteady rhythm. I hope you enjoy.


nice music :slight_smile: and more nice module coming :wink:

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