PathSet: Infinity Announcements

Let me introduce you to the three beefy modules that make up my PathSet: Infinity collection, available now in the library. The theme of this premium plugin is “Infinite Internal Combinations”. Each of these modules have an astronomical number of internal configurations you can explore, randomize, and save.

  • Warp Drive - Dual voice FM oscillator with built in envelopes clock and LFOs.
  • Quantum Compass - Sequencer/quantizer hybrid. Select a scale and generates a sequence.
  • Orchestrator - Eight armed Octopus that generates modulation CVs and gates.

My dev blog documented some highlights of creating these gems. The manuals are also available with quick-start patches.

I don’t have tutorial videos yet but I do have short demo videos for two of the modules:

If you’d like a taste of the combinations of Infinity I also have a free module AstroVibe which was the inspiration for this plugin. I love to see patches people create using any of modules, so please do share!