Patchstorage suggestion

Now that there are officially multiple versions of VCV that aren’t compatible, it would be nice to be able to categorize by version on Patchstorage. Not sure if Patchstorage natively handles versioning, or if we’d need to use tags, etc. Any ideas?

the idea is that the 0.6 patches can be opened in the V1, you can open all the files stored in Patchstorage with the V1 (you can not open the v1 files with the 0.6) after all the developers upgrade the plugins, why you want use the 0.6?

Probably because all modules haven’t been migrated to 1.0 and the patch won’t work there without them

This and in my experience so far, when I open an old patch in v1 the cables are completely gone. Also, many folks are maintaining two separate versions on their systems (for the foreseeable future). Thanks

I m not tested yet, but I m sure (if the slug is correct) all the patches will work when the migrating process ended , if not, you must report to the specific developer to fix the slug.

That’s indeed my experience. Cables only disappear from 0.6 to 1.0 when they were connected to a 0.6 module not available in 1.0.

If my favorite modules haven’t been upgraded (or aren’t in the process of being upgraded) yet, I deem them obsolete and I find a way to replace them.

In general, I’d rather see people working to adapt their 0.6 patches to 1.0, by finding out module alternatives and so on, rather than time/resources being spent to keep running 0.6.

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