PatchMaster radio buttons

I am trying to set up Patchmaster to control an oscillator. It has a 3 position switch to select 1 of 3 wavforms. I placed a knob on the patch and it works but it is really not what you would want. I would like to have a control with 3 radio buttons, each one selecting a different position on the oscillator switch. If this makes any sense at all and anyone knows how to do it or if it can even be done, please let me know. TIA

You can have a set of three Radio Buttons in PatchMaster - these just need mapping to your oscillator.


But you cannot map all three PM radio buttons to the same switch.

Assuming your switch does not have CV control, then the only way I know to have multiple PM buttons control a single switch is to put a Stoermelder Transit in the middle. Program Transit to control the switch, and setup a Transit button for each of the three switch positions. Then simply map the three PM radio buttons to the three Transit buttons.

I have run into this dilemma a number of times. @marc_boule - Not sure why I never thought of this before, but a nice PM enhancement would be the addition of another radio button option to have all the buttons in the group control the same control, and the current value would be the sum of the PM radio button values. Obviously it would take new mapping code to make mapping of one PM radio button automatically set the mapping of all.

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I wasn’t sure which oscillator the OP was using. Your solution with Transit works very well.

I don’t think I will add that option to PatchMaster, but I can appreciate the use case for it. I think that one will be for the “it would be nice to have” list unfortunately :slight_smile: