Patching the system 55 patch

Hey guys!

I’ve recently downloaded this nifty system55-like patch from system storage:

Since i’m a neophyte to the world of the modular synths, i find it a little difficult to approach a setup like this. In particular, i’m a little scared of all these matrices.

Would anyone mind to post an example of a PATCHED system 55? Just to get an idea on how to work on a monster like this.

Thanks everyone! And excuse me for my bad english…


You fooled me into thinking you’re a native speaker, so no need for apologies.

In my opinion, this is a MASSIVE patch for a beginner to learn on. I would just go with one or two modules at a time and learn those and how they interact with each other. I don’t want to discourage you from trying a pre-made fixed rack though. Check out Omri’s video on this topic and give his fixed rack a try.

He has some patched examples linked in the description of the video. I apologize for this not being the exact answer you’re looking for but I hope it’s helpful nonetheless.



I don’t think that patch is very “system 55” - I don’t find the matrices on the system 55 etc.

I suggest starting somewhere else - aiming to build your own “Moog modular system 55” virtual replica.

“How to Rack” - ebook by Jim Aikin

Watch a tutorial on the Arturia Model V

See and hear the Moog system 55 in action - Daniel Fisher - Suzanne Ciani - Byron Scullin

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