Patches for beginners

If you know your music theory, you’ll see that I’ve selected a “whole tone” scale… What scales might you add? :grin:


How do you introduce glitches into your sound at random intervals? Keep in mind I’m still a relative neophyte, teaching myself how to make the sound move and sound more organic and natural.

Again, using all free modules.


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Wherever there’s an option for a cv connection, you can trigger that with a whole number of things… try fundamental’s seq 6. at the bottom of each row, you’ll see an “outlet”… connect one of those to cv input. If you’re driving the beats with a clock, you would want to link the clock to the sequencer… Usually there’s some sort of amount switch available…more or less of the effect being modulated… Hope that’s helpful… Check out Omri Cohen, and Greg Broulette (both on You Tube )for very helpful tutorials. The real basic stuff will probably give you a better answer than I have… Best! Bradzilla

Totally agree with you, @David! … Personally i never copy/paste any program listing since i started learning programming languages in mid 80’s, and now it’s not different … Manually copying program listings oneself in the world of computer programming (and patching modules is not different from programming a computer), is the only way one can learn from “syntax” mistakes, forcing oneself to understand what one is doing and what failed and why, during the copy … So i also think that it is much better to try to copy the patch from a video or a photo oneself than download it and tweak some knobs to check the sound in our own VCV Rack system (which is not much different than downloading a preset for any synthesizer).

First thanks a lot for mentioning this book, @polygloss, which i didn’t know (easy to find on the Net) … Second i think it would be a good idea to take the full Chapter 4 “Designing a Synthesizer” structure, and modify the pictures and text accordingly to adapt it to VCV Rack (it is only 13 pages long, so not much work) … I think i’ll try it, so this will help me learn a little more, and eventually the result could be of real benefit for any VCV Rack beginner like me :blush:

BTW, searching for the book i have found two links that can be of interest to you or anyone here:

NOTE: I suggest you (anyone) to capture this two resources if you are really interested in anyone of them, as i think they are old web pages and may easily disappear.


The modular planet site has lots of basic patches using doepfer modules


@Josep Slammed 'em into wayback machine (



And then comes a noob that destroy any safe space… :wink:
(sorry sorry sorry… I know I am OT bu that was sooooo irresistible!!!)

simple subtractive 01.vcv (9.1 KB)

Alessandro Bonino Thanks for the patch example for beginners! I created my first VCV Rack Recording using the patch I created myself by recreating the patch image you posted. I recorded it in Reaper using Bridge!