Patches do not open when double click on them - Mac computer

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Just wanted to know if other people experiencing the same problem I am facing:

When I double click on a patch downloaded from the Internet it does not open. I need to put it in the “Rack” folder, the one created in “Documents” folder when I installed VCV. And even then it does not open when I double click on it, I need to open Rack and then Oopen it from File > Open. I am on a Mac computer is anyone else experiencing that? And if yes, do you know a way to fix it?

Thanks in advance for the help. All the best. ~panos

I’m on a Mac and that’s how it is for me too.

Hi Panos, welcome to the forum! The bug reports for VCV Rack are managed on GitHub, I believe this is the bug that was written for this issue:

There are a few workarounds suggested there, hopefully something will work for you.

Hi Adam, and thanks for the warm welcome! I see, thanks for the info. All the best ~panos

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Thanks for the reply!

I’m afraid that’s just the way it is on Mac - although you don’t need to put your patches in the Rack folder - they can be stored anywhere. But you do need to use File > Open to open them.