Patches change titles?


I hope someone can help me out. My problem is this:
I just wanted to save a patch I was working on and saw it had the title of a completely different patch (which I was planning on exporting and sharing soon).
This kind of thing happened before but this time I actually lost the entire thing (I now have two versions of the one I wanted to save a minute ago)
What could be happening here, can this be fixed, and can the patch somehow be recovered?

With hands in hair,

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Hello Deev. You are not alone. I came to the conclusion that as Rack will always load the last patch worked on I should have saved it under another name to begin with. It is easy, for me, to get involved and overlook the patch name sometimes. One thing I did not realise was that Rack will auto save the patch every fifteen minutes also. Therefore if one is ripping a patch apart to create another it will save over the original I guess.
I lost one that took me a long time to set up in this way it had lots and lots of envelope stages precisely timed and measured :neutral_face:
edit: It will auto save to a file called “autosave.vcv”

Save as.

If on windows try right clicking the patch an go to properties, then go to the tab previous versions and look if there is one and try to put that one back…

Good Luck.

@Coirt did you even read the problem?

To the rest, thanks for trying to help, after reading @Yeager’s post yesterday I checked if there were previous versions of the patch I lost, but alas no, I somehow have this function disabled on my PC.
I also read something about disabling the autosave function in some Json file, this might be helpful to more people that face the same problem.
@Tony do you know where this autosave file is found? Does it only exist when Rack is running?

I will at least be on my guard from now on and not save without double checking the current project name.

Yes he read the problem, the thing is when you opened rack, and opened a new patch, you forgot to immediatly Save as, so you would not overwrite your old patch

This should be right in the Rack folder, and should be named autosave.vcv or autosave-v1.vcv. It is always there, even when Rack is not running

Did I read the problem, yes. What I read was you have a patch and want to name it the same name as another patch. Its a simple solution name it something else with “Save as”

Hey @Coirt, reading back my reaction might have come over a bit cross, must have been my disappointment in losing something I had spent so much time on.
I will try and specify what happened:
I was working on a new patch (that I already saved under its own name “140bpm Goay”)
Then I opened a patch (called “Lots of Vults”) from a few days ago to see if I could do something with it.
After that I went back to the “140bpm Goay” patch and, after doing some adjustments, clicked ‘save’ (of course assuming I was saving it under its own name, not the name of a project that isn’t opened)

After some answers and other research I think I know now what is going on and will try to adjust some settings in this Json file (no idea yet how exactly but I think it is specified quite clearly in another thread).
It seems to be a problem more people face so I think it is good to throw it out there so we can see how we can prevent disappointments.

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