Patch basics for glitch/generative ambient

What it says above. Also want to see what ideas I could use to create a minimalistic (in terms of how many/what modules that are not as CPU hungry) to create above.

I’ve been playing around with rampage, floats, marbles, modal synthesizer, caudal to varying degrees to perturb whatever voices (v/Oct, filter params, FM params, etc) I set up but am not yet clued into how to introduce random glitch sounds.


Don’t know about random glitches (do you mean audio?) but there is no finer way to introduce random insanity into a patch than a Quantussy ring. Check out the Frozen Wasteland implementation and follow the minimal instructions in the docs.
Recently I’ve been messing about with piong to introduce randomness. I always think it’s a bit self promoting to link a load of your own videos in someone else’s thread though.

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Yes I meant audio glitches (brief bursts of static, stitches, warps/wows, etc.


There isn’t really a shortcut like that Glitch VST plug-in afaik, unless you create one you’ll have to go slightly old school. Not as old school as actually messing around with real electronics and equipment and getting real glitches but…

You can play around with noise, filters and delays, weird routing, distortion, record everything put it into one of the samplers etc etc. I don’t know if there’s a time-stretching module but you could purchase the VST Host. You might as well use the Glitch VST in that case. You basically just have to put effort into programming and sequencing weird sounds that sound like accidental glitches, sorry if that’s not very helpful but that’s how it is.

Hm. And here I was sitting thinking that there’s gotta be some sort of noise module that one could change the kind of sound of glitch you could create, like a scratchy soundtrack, squeaking/grinding/scraping sounds (chair moved across hard floor without picking it up), etc. to add atmosphere to my landscapes.


Okay, screechy noise in VCVrack:

  • Vult Rescomb
  • Frozen Wasteland Phased Locked Loop
  • 8mode softSN machine
  • Nysthi Seven Seas

and many more.
Also, I would always use Resonator instead of Modal Synthesizer.
edit: removed embaressing rubbish

Vampyr also gets some of the softer squealy kinds of sounds, I can use this but am still looking to expand my sound patch knowledge.

Vult Bleak into Vampyr is a great drone combination. I’m considering just doing an hour long video of those two together controlled with some LLFOs.

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glitching boh!ngler


Also Bidoo has a lot of nice glitchy tools, especially the ACnE sequencer where you can feed all sorts of things into it and modulate the output

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Off-the-shelf stuff I love:

In VCV many have been mentioned by others here, to which I’d add

  • Frozenwasteland’s Hair Pick and Portland Weather
  • Vult’s Caudal
  • Audible Instruments’ Macro Oscillator 2 and Texture Synthesizer
  • VCV’s Spectra
  • Too many NYSTHI ones which do weird things to electricity!
  • Gerhard Brandt’s Southpole Parasites (Texture Synthesizer with alternative firmware)
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I see some modules that I already use on a more or less regular basis. The boh!ngler one is something I haven’t really played around with much, mainly cuz I was teaching myself some of the synth basics in the beginning.

I will definitely have to explore some of the ideas here that I haven’t thought about… can probably incorporate the jira jira tape echo module somewhere in the patch to make interesting effects…

for generative ambient, check my videos. that’s my bread and butter.

It’s probably easier and it will sound better if you record all of those sounds you mentioned with your phone or whatever and twist them up in VCV with all of the techniques others have mentioned here, unless you want the newer ‘glitch’ sound design aesthetic which is what i was talking about before. There’s plenty of ways to make the sound of skinning a cat after all :slight_smile: