Patch and Tweak VCV Rack files

Hey guys! So, there are 50 patches from Patch and Tweak available to download and use in VCV Rack And, there is also a giveaway! You can find the full details in the description of this video -

Have fun!

Great news, @Omri_Cohen. It is very interesting. Thank You!

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Cheers, Evgeny!

That’s great you could make the patches for the guys, Omri, I know they were falling behind on that task so good job and I look forward to checking them out. Already have the book :sunglasses:

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Yeah, it was really fun! Let me know what you think about the patches :slight_smile:

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Should probably provide the link to the patches:

I’ve gone through a couple of handfulls randomly… this is great work Omri! Very thorough with the notes and cable colors and all. Must have taken quite some time. I could nitpick about a few choices I might have made differently but you’ve made some very illustrative patches, that demonstrate the concepts they were meant to very clearly. Well done and kudos! I’m assuming you got a bit of payment, but just in case you didn’t: Thank you!

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Great! I’m happy you like them :slight_smile: Yeah, it took some time but I had fun, I learned a lot, and I hope I brought VCV a bit more publicity.


Should we share here??


Got it :slight_smile: Thank you!