Passive Mult / Unity Mixer in VCV Rack


I come across Doepfer’s A-100 patch sample and would like to recreate the Logistic Chaos Patch in VCV Rack. Are the ways to do it other than using Module80’s Logistiker? There isn’t any passive mult / unit mixer module that allows CV crosstalk in VCV Rack … Are there any alternative solutions?

A-100 Patch Examples

You don’t need to do the Doepfer emulation of Buchla 266 - fluctuating random voltages because:

I know Nysthi - SOU exists, I was asking about passive mults for Logistic Chaos Patch.

I want to recreate that patch with a wavefolder instead of a waveshaper and see how it works out.

A passive mult like the Doepfer A-180 is a hardware solution of connecting multiple inputs to one output. Not quite understanding here what you want, because in VCV one can do the same with multiple cable without an additional module. If you have to have same there are numerous Multiple in the library that emulate such.

Well … it is not that simple. The way of how this passive multiple is being used is more of a feedpack patching to allow crosstalk (interference) between signal. The multiple in VCV Rack are usually buffered multiple.

could Bogaudio UMIX in average mode do it?

What’s wrong with Logistiker? :wink:

Well if this were hardware , I’d say that’s a very bad idea and you risk damaging the modules of which you just shorted all their outputs together. :wink:

I think most modules are made to tolerate having their outputs shorted. If not they would blow up every time you accidently patch an output to another output.

Nothing wrong with it, I just want to try replacing the S&H signal in and sineshaper in the signal path to something else, say a wavefolder or filter and see what will happen :grimacing:

I found that Logistic Chaos rather musical btw, since it uses S&H. I did try patching in Eurorack and it is a rather fun one.

Btw, NLC Squid Axon (clone) in VCV Rack is also a module based on logistic chaos.

I like the knob control of Logistiker slightly more though.

Can’t you just use a mixer?