Panel Design: Icon for V/OCT

Well, like I say, we are all free to do what we want making these free modules and being the boss of ourselves. It’s great!

I can see using icons instead of text for a UI, although I question how effective that will be for the average VCV user who may spend about one minute with a free module before deciding they don’t like it.

I can’t really understand wanting to use illegible text, though. As @john_rose pointed out, it’s not visually distinctive, so if you can’t read it, and it make a poor icon, why use it?

Yeah. DSP. Sorry iPhone corrected me.

You act as if you have the holy grail of design figured out. I’ve seen Your posts over and over doing this stuff… come on.

There is plenty of room for other designs and styles and even room for breaking vcv conventions. You never know what you might discover and what ends up working better in the end.

Also one of the most iconic and usable synthesizers of all time. ALL CAPS

Where I have text, my current draft designs are all lowercase. I labelled the icons in this thread with the Rack module style for familiarity and comparison. Before release, I may change my mind and do any of lowercase, sentence case, or all caps. I don’t have an intuitive channel to great design like some folks, but it is something I think about and attempt to do a good job with.

The research on text readability has evolved and much conventional wisdom you may read comes from studies that have been shown to have flaws, but the early recommendations have become enshrined in convention.

I remember when the Windows 8 era Visual Studio designers decided the menus would be good to have in all caps. it was supposed to be the new era in UI design. I hated it and so did a vocal contingent of the customer base. Luckily they provided an option to turn it off and go back to sentence case, which I did immediately.

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Just to make it clear, my post about upper/lower case was simply in response to what Squinky said about What The Internet Told Him, and the Robin Williams quote is mainly about longer passages of body text.

When it comes to really short bits of text (like in labels) then it’s a different quintal of fish.

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