Panel colors in v2

Hi! In Rack v1 changing the colors of the panels was very simple, the objects were all separate, even each letter was a different object, at least as far as the VCV modules are concerned. I had made them all dark gray similar to the Bogaudio “Dark low contrast” modules, in the Noise module I had colored pink noise pink, red noise red, blue noise blue …

I wanted to do the same thing again in v2, for personal use only, but it is no longer possible, or at least not in a simple way as it was before, the objects have been joined, changing the color of an object, you change the color of multiple objects at the same time .

Since I have a rather superficial knowledge of graphic software, I ask: are there any tips & tricks to fix it or should I keep the original panels? (Even originals are fine, mine is just a whim)

I remain disappointed that VCV have continued to ignore requests for a dark option on their panels, when so many free module devs have long since offered this. Cardinal offered this from the get go. At least being able to ‘dim the lights’ helps a bit.

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I honestly don’t really care if VCV officially puts dark panels on or not (I certainly like it if it does) the only thing I expec from VCV, is that the software will work well. The graphics are of secondary importance, especially if like in V1 you could easily customize it yourself, this lack in v2 bothers me a bit, but I repeat, as far as I’m concerned, they are just whims, the important thing is the functionality of the software. So if anyone has any ideas on how not to go crazy with private edits, I’m happy, if VCV will darken the panels in the next updates I’m happy, if not … I’m happy all the same as long as the software doesn’t crash, bug etc …

Are you using inkscape? Seems the same as they always were.

Yes! What version of Rack do you have? If i’m not mistaken in 2.0.0 it was possible to modify everything, i had done a quick test but at that moment i didn’t want to modify all the panels. Now that i wanted to do it in 2.0.5, the result was this…

Rack 1

Rack 2

I’m using 2.0.6 but I really doubt it makes any difference, I think the modules are versioned separately from program. I don’t know what you might be doing wrong, maybe you have the wrong tool selected or try double clicking a few times on the text.

Oh yes! In Rack 1 one click was enough, I don’t know what has changed but now you need to double click, but it is still possible to select single objects. Thanks! :smiley:

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