Pam's Pro Workout MIDI Mapping

Has anyone found a way to map ALM’s Pamela’s Pro Workout to a MIDI controller? I recently made a tutorial about it and blindly assumed you could just use the Map module or Stoermelders Map, but this doesn’t work, unfortunately.

I contacted ALM support, but they said there’s no way to make this work. The Axon 2 expanders does have two A/B button which are mappable though, but it’s mainly about the encoder dial and push functions.

The same issue with other modules using a similar design like some Impromptu modules. Is there a workaround for this, or is this a limitation of the software?

Cheers, Melvin

The mapping modules depend on the target module implementing params using standard Rack widgets. If the ui is custom, then you’re out of luck (if the developer refuses to fix it).

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All my custom ui works right. You need to derive from ParamWidget? Don’t remember the details.

I think so, because that’s the only way for foreign code to reach the associated param/paramquantity ( if there even is one).

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haha - right you are. Just looked at my old “combo box” (one thing to note. PPL say it’s difficult to implement your own custom widgets. It’s no harder than any other aspect of programming, and if you don’t make your widgets mappable ppl will probably not like it.):

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Judging by what I’m seeing in this thread, the only option seems to be to map keys on a MIDI controller to the keys (-, =, [, ]) and keep the mouse hovered over the module.

Any updates on this situation??