Oxidlab Filters Paid Version: Stereo Field Jumps Around

I really like the strange sounds you get from the free version of the Oxidlab filter, so I went ahead and sprung for the paid stereo versions.

They do make a plethora of strange sounds, but as you switch between filter slopes, the stereo field jumps around jarringly. Primarily moving to the right as you select steeper slopes. I’ve written the developer about this, but no reply as of yet. I’m not sure if they are still actively involved in developing these devices.

Have others noticed this behavior?


f.i. low-pass filter goes from left 6dB to middle 12dB to right 18dB to even more right at 24 dB, in the stereo field. afbeelding afbeelding afbeelding afbeelding

i have also paid for the stereo filters and would hate to think they arent going to fix this as its a pretty significant bug. you would think they would have caught it while in the development phase.


Basically no activity on this forum for about a year. I fear they have skedaddled.

hopefully not. latest post on their social media pages was april and it looks like they were posting sneak peeks of an oscillator module in feb.

i’ve sent them an email as well.

sneak peaks of a hardware oscillator or a VCV one?

Thanks for letting us know. We will take a look at it and release a fix soon.


@asedev thanks, looking forward to it.

@Squinky.Labs looks like a couple new vcv modules might be in the works.


Oxidlab contacted me. The stereo field problem is identified and a fix is in the works.

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