[out now] drone day 2021 collab

just released as free download / pay what you want:
our drone day 2021 collab of members of the vcv rack community and the ambient online forums

i was sent a lot of sound material, easily enough for two or three hours, so i had to make a selection. but i have made sure to include at least one item from each contributor. their names are listed on the second image included in the download, as well as on the download page.

it was once again a lot of fun to do. thanks to all the contributors!


Congrats for the release ablaut! It must be quite a job to mix all that into a cohesive set like this and add the necessary backbones to make it all fit.


i hope i did your track justice. it forms a nice conclusion, but it is mixed with other stems. @Worker_13’s jacobs ladder makes an appearance there as well.

i was also wondering what kind of mood this whole piece evokes. i feel it is kind of heavy, tho it has some fragile high touches as well. what do you think?

It turned out great in the end! Congratulations! You did a great job with mixing the soundtrack. The result is wonderful!

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Definitely, I was happily surprised to hear a good part of it, and I actually found it pretty cool that I could easily hear some parts of it even while having more difficuly hearing other parts of it because of the mix, but it was really fun to hear the change and the new new spin on it (and how it was improved I would also add). I had left room in the higher frequencies and was happy to hear that this was filled up.

Listening this year made me realize more how much work must go into making compilations like this, which I didn’t realize as much when listening to past years’ versions.

The mood is great as far as I’m concerned, not too dark*, and I can say I really enjoyed learning about scale 419 :wink:

* Those finding it too dark should listen to the last minute only, haha :stuck_out_tongue:

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and there’s now a video: