OS X M1 support

I have an M1 Mac mini and was considering buying VCVRack Pro. I mostly use Bitwig as a DAW, sometimes Reaper.

The OS X M1 notes on the purchase page say the plugin will work with DAWs that sandbox plugins in separate processes, like Bitwig and Reaper.

However, this reddit post, says it does not work in Bitwig and that VCV is not offering support and is basically abandonware at this point a year in with no real updates even though the users has identified what the issue is.

So… do people have it working on M1 Bitwig or no?

Is there anyway to try it out to see if it works on my machine before shelling out the cash?

It works fine with bigwig on an m1 MacBook Pro for me. I haven’t had any issues?

i’ve been using bitwig 4.3.x and 4.4.x with vcv rack pro as my rack pro plugin testing environment for the last month and have experienced no problems on my M1. you need to make sure plugin sandboxing is on of course. but it loads up and says “X86” and loads just like my other non-universal vst3s.

Awesome, thanks for the confirm folks, i’ma pick it up this wknd.