OrangeLine Mother Issue/Question

Hey guys, I’m having an issue with Orangeline’s Mother quantizer.

It quantizes incoming cv to any scale I select, but the root is always in C. Turning the root knob or child knob doesn’t make a difference no matter if I initialize it, select random notes for the scale, or open a new patch and use it as simple as possible. The root note is always C no matter what when the incoming signal is 0V.

Now with that being said, if I don’t select a scale or any notes to add and do change the root, 0V will become the new root I selected (after I change the incoming voltage slightly for whatever reason). However, once I do this and select a scale, the root becomes a different note entirely.

I assume I’m doing something wrong because I see others using it supposedly without issue, so my question is can anyone explain what I’m doing wrong. This whole issue came up when I was trying to sequence changes in the child scale in a patch and nothing happened even if I turned the knob. Thanks for any help and sorry for the long post :slight_smile:

I think that @Stubs Dieter Stubler shows up here occasionally. I know he is always on FB.

Hi, sry for the late answer. Please post issues on the github page next time, so I will see it in time. checked that and can not see any unexpected behaviour. Which module version do you use ? Can please give me a step by step guide to reproduce your issue ? Regards Dieter

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Moved to github :slight_smile: