option to subscribe and store patches and data in the cloud

my mother board just died, lost all the data on my mac. lucky for me i backed up a month ago. wondering if people like the idea of a small subscription fee for vcv which includes access to a bunch of paid for modules but also cloud storage so your patches go straight up in the cloud and you never lose anything. rack is really efficient at performing updates, i just updated all my modules now and immediately thought wouldn’t that be great if it did that with my patches too. not sure if this is the right place to suggest that, if not let me know and i will put in the right place. Thanks!

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You could just keep all your patches on Dropbox for example.

A painful lesson I learned many years ago is that you can’t consider data to be safe unless it is stored on at least 3 different devices across 2 different locations. And ideally have an incremental daily backup.


Of course if you lose your computer you will probably lose more than your vcv file. Like they always say, back up the computer. I back up my home direcory every day to “the cloud”, and also backup an image of my bootable C to a small server in my house.

Of course I store all my VCV module source code in guthub. Which is another option (for nerds) to back up VCV patches.

But something easy like dropbox (or google drive), like @steve recommends would be a pretty good way to protect important data.

I copy files up to Google Drive which is free, so I doubt many people would pay for that service when there are so many existing free options to do the same thing. Nice idea though.


totally valid point that there are a lot of free things that improve things enormously. I debated with myself for about a decade before I spent money on this stuff.

its more like a combination that plus subscribing to modules basically. so you get automatic cloud back features plus a ton of premium modules. Thats what I was thinking.