OpenMusic with VCV Rack

From the YT notes:

A brief demonstration of the use of OSC for simple control of a VCV Rack synthesis patch. The controller is a patch made with IRCAM’s OpenMusic.

The OpenMusic patch generates three random values, scales them for VCV Rack, gathers the values into a osc-send box, and sends the box contents to VCV Rack.

The synthesis patch generates audio from a group of VCOs driven by the CV values from OpenMusic. The same values are used to determine frequency transposition levels and other values for the trio of percussion synths. Those modules are triggered by a separate rhythm generation module to provide a rhythmic stream to accompany my “improvisation” for which I merely selected the OpenMusic osc-send box and pressed the “v” key on the qwerty keyboard. Each keypress generated a new set of values for the Rack patch.

Both patches handle the details of the OSC connection. The necessary functions are built into OpenMusic, the VCV Rack patch includes a module for configuring the OSC details. All very straightforward stuff.

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And the pretty patch pictures: