OpenGL problem

I know I should report bugs elsewhere, I’m not sure there is much sense in this because I’m asking for trouble. Just wondering I’m the only one.

I run VCVrack on PC without problems, but I also have an old iMac (12.1). Is used to have high-sierra, but recently I discovered that it is possible to run Mojave and even Catalina using the tools provided by And most of it works. But VCVrack … not so well. I keep getting: “Could not open GLFW Window” error. But it looks like the video driver supports OpenGL (even up to 2.1).

Am I the only one? Is there a workaround? I don’t expect anyone to fix this, but if there is a way around this: please let me know.

It comes up all the time. The resolution is usually “update your video drivers”. That works almost all the time. But I have no idea what that means in the context of a “franken-mac”.

That’s what I was afraid of :frowning:

Nice one, FrankenMac. I’ll check if mr. Frankenstein has a solution. I’m not really a Mac person and wouldn’t know how to update a driver.

Thanks or the response.

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