OpenGL outdated

Hello guys, I’ve just bought an acer A514-54G-58R8 laptop, which has a NVIDIA Geforce MX350 graphic card. I’ve installed all windows updates, then tried to run VCV rack and this message popped up:

“Could not open GLFW window. Does your graphic card support OpenGL 2.0 or greater? If so, make sure you have the latest graphics drivers installed”

I’ve found out that the OpenGL version after the updates is still 1.0 on the laptop, so I’ve downloaded the latest graphic driver from NVIDIA’s site, however the OpenGL version is still 1.0

I’ve checked and MX350 is supporting OpenGL 4.6. Could you please help me in solving this issue?

Thank you, Balazs

This is the driver you installed ?

It should work I think.

Perhaps try using DDU to uninstall nvidia driver completely and then reinstall the nvidia driver.

Thanks for the quick reply. Sure, that was the installed driver, I used DDU as you advised but I didn’t manage to solve the issue. Any other ideas?

Is it possible you have two graphics devices, and one is some horrible integrated thing?

If you do have more than one GPU, and are using Windows, you can tell it which one to use for Rack

I don’t know. Unless you plugged in some external USB graphics device, the acer only has one GPU, and it’s not the latest and greatest, but should be good enough to run Rack.

Please post the output from GL extensions viewer:

“download for windows” from here OpenGL Extensions Viewer 6 | realtech VR | realtech VR

here’s mine:

and the opengl details: