Open Stage Control with VCV?

Hi, can anyone help with setting up Open Stage Control with VCV.

I looked up youtube tutorials and only found some with Bitwig.

Also found this thread:

But can’t seem to make it work for VCV.

Has anyone tried this? It seems to be a good free alternative to TouchOSC

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By setup do you mean installation or sending the signal to VCV Rack?

If the later and there is midi outputting from OSC you just select these devices in Rack using the Core MIDI modules or if they do not show up a go between program may be used like loopMIDI (depending on your platform that is, guessing windows as it is the most common) could be used.

I believe @VCVRackIdeas uses this program so he may be able to give better advisement…

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I used TouchDesigner as an alternative and it’s working great.

I think Open Stage Control is not as easy to setup, so not sure if the problem was sending the signal to VCV or something related to python installation.

Anyway, I’m happy with TD.



hello every body

i find the way to configure VCV Rack and Open Stage Control.

You will need cvOSCcv form trowasoft

I explain all in a pdf file and i made a French Translation

manual for VCV and OpenStageControl

There is still little thing to clear, especialy with the gate form the keyboard but i’m on the question. I’m using TriggersMKI from AS to make the job, but i think there is a better solution.

and here is the thread about VCV and Open Stage Control on the OpenStage Control forum.

special thanks to andrew belt for VCV Rack, j4s0n-c for Trowasoft, and jean-emmanuel for Open Stage Control

have a good day


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