Open Source album with VCV Rack patches - Re: conet_c

Hey guys this is my first post in here I am lurking quite a bit. As suggested by [Pixi on Twitter] i am sharing my new album that attempted to make open source. I released it on Github here. with extensive documentation. High quality audio is available on Bandcamp with pay as much as you want in here:

All the patches, sysex files, samples used are available for grabs. Also, it comes with early mixes, mixed made by Roel Funcken, Nathan Moody, Benny Tones and Toby Lloyd and mastered versions of all these tracks so you can really compare second mixes with masters and see the evolution of each tune and load the patterns to your rytm or digitone or vcv rack, ORCA, pd or Max. Varied tools were used to manipulate MIDI and audio.

I tested SPECTRA here especially and thought that getting this module is a great way to support the platform. I used it with my Buchla200e and also to process Eurorack and to generate sounds I loaded to Rytm. You can see the patches there but I had two types of routings with this using RME UCX.

VCV Rack -> MIDAS mixer / Eurorack > Looptrotter SATUR-8/24 > VCV record/Ableton recording. Used RME UCX for in and out from laptop.

Eurorack -> MIDAS mixer -> Looptrotter SATUR-8/24 > VCV Rack

Album is documented on my Instagram feed under #reconetc

Hope you enjoy it and let me know if you can load the patches fine. I included the versions with free plugins only too but recommend getting SPECTRA tho, not only for awesomeness, its a bloody good deal actually and supports the platform so win-win really.


Also adding links as wasnt able to do it there. Here is documentation on instagram and here is video of one of the patches.