Open Sound Control Map

Hi to all.

Noob here developing a new module forked from MidiMap but trying to implement OSC signals instead of CC. Tried a couple of libraries but wasnt after found oscpack, which lead me to trowaSoft cvOSCcv that already does almost the same.

Ended up reusing a lot of code, the difference is that my module allow to map knobs and doesnt use “CV”.

You think it will be usefull? Or already exist something like this?



thanks! yep it would be useful for TouchOSC for sure. Do you have any repo available on github or somewhere else to test? I don’t know much about OSC protocol but I’m interested in proper feedback to midi controller. In the case of midi we have Midi-CAT module from Stoermelder but I don’t know if that’s the same for OSC.

StoerMelder has explicitly stated he is not interested in doing anything with OSC.

Yes, this would be useful, I have been thinking about doing a similar thing myself but the involved GUI code work has made it unattractive for me to actually start doing it. :wink: (I suppose code from the VCV Fundamentals and StoerMelder could be repurposed, though…)

Would you consider doing a module with CV outputs too…? :slight_smile:

@VCVRackIdeas Repo updated to include this module. Also added a package compiled for windows.

The module is pretty basic right now, im using max4live to send values beetwen 0. and 1. I think TouchOSC will require some tweaks, a future enhancenment could be add some scale option to work with different ranges ie. 0-127.

@Xenakios Could you describe your request a little more, it seems to me that trowaSoft cvOSCcv already have CV outs.

As far as i know, the trowasoft module does not have osc learn, though, which makes it too inconvenient to use.

thanks. by default touchosc set for rotary control 0 to 1 values so I don’t know, is OSC can set some kind of decimals 0,1 - 0,75?

Ah sorry, I didn’t realize your module wasn’t intended to learn OSC messages either.

Well, that’s still something I am hoping will exist some day. It’s just too difficult to work without the OSC message learn feature.