[oops] Where does local version of Rack autosave?

I know this is a dumb Q. My local build is crashing on run.

Oh, ok. found it. sry.

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Squinky knows this, but for the benefit of others with the same question reading this thread:

It’s the <RACK_USER_DIR>/autosave folder.

RACK_USER_DIR = the folder that opens when you do Help/Open user folder.

There are a couple of ways to customize this location: environment variable, or command-line -u option. See the manual for details.

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well, the simple answer I was looking for is “in a dev build of rack, by default rack is in a folder called Rack, and when you do make run from in there the autosave is in Rack/autosave”.

When you do make run , the makefile runs Rack with -d (dev mode), which changes the system and user folders to the dev Rack folder.

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