Online patch sharing library

I’m looking for an easy way to share patches other people have done.

I see this thing called patchstorage but it does not appear at all integrated into vcvrack. It.seems to be a completely unrelated site that people can upload patches on for any synth,

I was wondering if there was something in the works to share patches like the modules? Even in packs of patches (like the modules). I can even imagine some packs being non-free like modules. I bet this is totally obvious and I’m guessing someone will tell me it’s planed for! I did not see any talk of this yet which is why I ask.

If you try to install a patch that depends on a module, then, this module would also need to be downloaded. If that module is not free… this woud of course need to be clear. When a downloaded patch is deleted, it should offer to uninstall modules it automatically installed (unless used by other patches in user’s library). Just some thoughts on this.

If this belongs in gitlab, someone please point me where and I will be happy to add a ticket.

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Patchstorage seems to be the current way to go. You can always post a video of your patch to YouTube, Facebook, etc, and put a link in the description to the patch on patchstorage; using only free modules for those patches would ensure anyone could open them, provided they download the free modules used. ‘Non-free’ patches can mostly be found on Patreon by Omri Cohen, VCV Rack Ideas, etc.


While it can be cool to download monster patches people have created, I find they can be super hard to follow (I have the same problem with my own large patches). I’m hoping that the community eventually starts sharing patchlets (Patchlets: reusable one-row patches), small combinations of connected modules that do something specific (generate a melody, audio effect, complex synth voice) and can be imported into any existing patch.

I wrote python scripts to extract and combine patchlets, but Ben’s upcoming STRIP module (Idea of one module which can disable a group of modules?) should make for a much better solution. And someone said that the Submarine module browser (not yet available in v1) has a similar functionality.

As for, does anybody know how it’s financed or how it started? I don’t see any ads, but I assume that’s the eventual plan to fund the server and traffic costs.

No idea but it doesn’t seem like it would be hugely costly to run, it probably has much less traffic than you’d think.

STRIP is on it’s way. I guess another week of testing and polishing until release :smiley:


The privacy policy page on Patchstorage states…

Patchstorage ( is a side project of us – the team behind Blokas (

They’re the team behind Pisound and lots of other interesting audio hardware. Blokas has their own community forum, so I suppose you could always ask them about how Patchstorage is funded?


Wow, I’m surprised this sort of sharing feature isn’t being built into vcv rack.

I wonder if I could help out here. I bet it wouldn’t be too difficult since the plugin library is already there.

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I have added this to github now:

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Hi, when creating a new issue on Github please remember to check closed issues. This feature had already been requested but not approved:

I agree that Patchstorage/VCV integration would be optimal, but on the other hand that would require time and resources. I’d rather have people working on more basic/important projects - for example a centralized, well-designed, comprehensive, carefully-maintained VCV documentation website.


I did search before creating that ticket but did not see that issue! Probably because it was closed.