One year of VCV

I had to share this with you rackheadz! :smiley:

One year ago (well, more than a year ago but let’s be unprecise on that!) I put my hands on VCV for the very first time.
I was writing an article about music and fractal, inspired by a video by Adam Neely and I used VCV “to demonstrate how pitch and rhythm are the very same thing”.

Here it is a quick video I put on Instagram about that period. I was “twisting those knobs” for a couple of weeks already.

I hadn’t had a clue I was going to dive deep inside the rabbit’s hole! :smiley:


I had the chance to talk to awesome people, learn awesome things and do (maybe not so) awesome patches! But I gained a brand new wonderful hobby! So thanks to you all! You (mostly) know who you are! :smiley:


Could you write more about music and fractals? This is a very interesting topic! Have you conducted any experiments in this area?

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Yes, I wrote an article about it but it’s in italian. And it’s mostly about Math.

A lot of years ago (around 20 but I don’t remember the precise year) I used a Pascal short program and I assigned some musical values to the points of the Mandelbrot set to see if it was possible to obtain nice music instead of nice pictures.

The result was disappointly boring, obviously, no matter how I tried to tweak the color of the “notes”.

Years later I came across some interesting articles that enlightened me about the ratio between randomness and predictability. If I will find them (I should have them on some of my external backup HD) I will share them on my clouds, if you are interested! :grin:

Too bad the Pascal program I wrote is long lost and gone as well as the Borland compiler… :sleepy::pensive:

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I have recently been thinking about how to build a patch using the fractal logic of self-similarity. But nothing beyond the scope of FM/AM not invent. :confused: