One Midi Knob for two parameters [Resolved]

Hi all, I would like to know if an existing module offers the possibility of simulating a “join” mode for the midi knob with infinite rotation. This would allow me to control two different parameters via the same knob by switching using two keyboard or midi keys without having jump when I switch from one to the other. Hoping to be clear enough … I tried to use the “Value Saver” plugin from Alikins to memorize the CV position of a midi controller. Classic switches allow you to switch, and then compare it using the CMP plugin from BogAudio.

However impossible to achieve. My brain just caught fire with no satisfactory result. So … if you have any ideas. My need may not be very different from this, if I understand his question but I have doubts:

Sorry for my bad english… Thank you very much to all.

Thank you Coirt but I think I misspoke. I just reread the MIDI-CAT manual. With MIDI-CAT I cannot assign a knob to two distinct functions and switch between the two via a pad? Je dois y réfléchir…

Sorry, there may be a way indeed.

For nontrivial routing like that, it’s best to use MIDI-CC, CV inputs, and CV processing modules.

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Hello Vortico and thank you for your quick response. I also think, I have a lot to think about but “jump” from MIDI-CAT is very practical but unfortunately I can’t find a way to use it in this case (for the moment). I must continue to practice I am persuaded that there is a way. :slight_smile:

Can’t the MIDI modules from @23volts do something like that?

Perhaps i miss something in datasheet, need time to formalize my objectif first i gess

I finally found, I discovered Count Modula’s Slope detector :kissing_heart: I use it to trigger two sample and hold (when there is movement of my knob) to memorize its position in two Value Savers from Alikins. Coupled with two switches and two CMP and Bool from Bogaudio, to wait to be in phase and route the signal on two different parameters. Perfect ! Thank you for your help, only it is always more difficult. With that I multiply the number of knob available on my midi controller (In exchange for work on CPU well entandue hihi :grin:)

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could you post a patch with this for the more iliterate to learn?
this would be very kind.

Of course, this is a first draft, we can surely improve. I am already thinking of another version. I would also like to be able to use the rising and fall outputs so as not to have to search for the phase point but that is a bit more complicated.Midi_Mult_Knob_1.vcv (13.2 KB)

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thank you :+1:

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U welcome, i make it more esthétique :slight_smile:Multi_Knob.vcvss (12.6 KB)

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