One Grid, One Reaktor & One VCV

Anyone else struggling with -> turning on the computer, feeling like you wanna work in The Grid, Reaktor and VCV at the moment but totally unable to control were to go or wich one to pick? Like all 3 is just as appealing… Thats me… like everyday… So as much as I can see the benefits of alternatives I definitely see the downsides too… How do you control that? Do you have like ‘timezones’, like this month i will only do VCV, next Reaktor and so on? That multiply tasking phenomenon can’t be good in the long term can it? Any tips I appreciate. :wink: Thanks!

Are you sure you know what you want to do?

I use different setups according to what I want to do:

  • VCV Rack only when I sit down to learn more about modular synthesis
  • VCV Rack + my hardware machines when I’m looking to make new things compared to what my machines do
  • hardware only when I practice to perform

I don’t think it can be very productive :wink: But it can be fun, and for some of us making music needs to be fun in the first place, rather than productive.

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Btw I just realized I broke some community rules by posting Reaktor and Grid in the ‘music’ section, I now read that it should only be vcv related so moderators feel free to erase and destroy! Totally fine! Sorry. New to this.

I’m going to get me a T-shirt with that printed on it. :wink:

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