One for the polish speakers: Fragment polish poetry + FX

  1. Download random Polish poem from
  2. Load it in NYSTHI ConfusingSimpler
  3. Add in a bunch of crazy processing.

Don’t know if it still resolves to anything remotely intelligible to a Polish speaker


that was very interesting. :slight_smile:

hey @synthi, check it out!

@chaircrusher, might you be okay sharing your patch as an example for the (eventual) manual page for Confusing Simpler?

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Yeah. You’ll need to put in your own sample.

PolskiWiersz.vcv (41.3 KB)

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Thank you muchly! I’ll make sure you get credited for it!

I’m curious, ballpark how long the sample was that you were using?

I’m from Poland but I can not understand anything. It has a Polish impression but maybe because you wrote it was a Polish poem. Can you write what is this poem?

I found it on or, now I can’t find it again :wink:
But here is the file I used for this patch.

It sounds like Polish to me but no idea if it actually is.

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@chaircrusher I laughed. When I play this sample. I am sorry I explain why. I’m from Poland too. I know that for people of other nationalities, the Polish language may seem strange and terribly rustling, therefore the recordings are ideally suited for various applications. However, I am surprised as a Pole that such a recording has been placed in this database. I will say that the content of the recording is full of words and phrases generally recognized as offensive in my language. I suspect that the recording has been placed there as a joke. Cheers

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Haha I had no idea. I like the sound of Polish, and I never intended to use it as something recognizable.