Ondioline -any modules ideas

Hello another 1940s synth, made by Jenny, the Ondioline, anybody any ideas about what modules would produce the sound of this early synthesizer?

ROB SCHWIMMER: Ondioline Show & Tell - YouTube

Formant | Ondioline Track | Daniel Kitzig - YouTube

I have no idea but suddenly a Stereolab song title makes sense


Well, myself and Worker 13 created a Clavioline instrument, a while back and it has a more reedy sound than that.

Songs that the Clavioline were used on:

Tornadoes-- Telstar

Beatles-- Baby, your Rich man now! All on YouTube.

True, Stereolab had a song titled that … but there was reputably no Ondioline on that track.

Ondioline was famously used by this fine fellow-Jean Jacques Perrey:

Jean-Jacques Perrey ‎– Mister Ondioline (1960) FULL EP - YouTube

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The first three minutes of His Holy Modal Majesty is pretty much an Ondioline solo by Al Kooper.

I remember thinking, when it first came out, that it was the coolest keyboard sound ever.

An ondioline-inspired oscillator was recently added to the EaganMatrix, and this video has some interesting specifics about how it works behind the scenes:

(Jump to 1:51)

(Thanks @christophe.duquesne for your part in it!)

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