On windows, is there a way to see debug output using cmd?

Have a user having issues. Want them to be able to look for error output, but it seems that running from the console and looking doesn’t work with the cmd shell like is does with msys2.

For that matter how do you correctly run Rack -d on a mac? you have to do inside the package, but then the paths aren’t right any more.

You can use something like

/Applications/Rack.app/Contents/MacOS/Rack -d -s /Applications/Rack.app/Contents/Resources


open /Applications/Rack.app --args -d -s /Applications/Rack.app/Contents/Resources

oh, open with args - did not know you could do that. thanks!

the windows console support only full buffered stdio, now Rack use only per line buffer:
you can view this proposed mod in this closed issue on GitHub