Omnichord in VCV Rack

Yet another odd instrument that fascinates me, the Suzuki Omnichord OM series. Anyone got any module ideas that would create the beautiful sounds of this 70-80s ‘toyish’ chord creator. A very angelic and beautiful sound. Existentia’s electric piano setting for AI Plaits maybe, the slide plate- Tact module? Gonna have a go but others input would be very welcome. The 2nd track is the Omnichord on the Soundcloud link.

Omnichord Rundown - YouTube

Omnichord and EMS Polysynthi [ VCV Rack emulations] by Adrian Bottomley | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Omnichord-try out | Patchstorage

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Not in VCV Rack, but just mentioning that Soniccouture included a Kontakt instrument in their The Attic 2 library that does a really good job of emulating not only the sound, but the strum action via the pitch wheel. Particularly cool on my Hydrasynth because I can strum via the ribbon.

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First time I saw one.

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I remember my band played with an artist named Jenny Omnichord once and her schtick was of course that she only played an Omnichord. It was interesting, though a little twee for me.

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I used to want to put an extra set of clavinette pickups on an autoharp and play it through a loud guitar amp, but it turned out that autoharps aren’t cheap enough to just try it for a laugh.


I have it (the omnichord)


What, you have got an Omnichord, do you use it much?

not at all: I’m an hoarder :neutral_face:


I couldn’t find any Omnichord patches so I tried to make one. Here’s what I have so far.

It is basically a recreation of this website.

The one issue I am having is that if the Tact-G ends on a high pitch, that high note rings a bit when starting the next strum with a low note. Any suggestions to improve or optimize would be greatly appreciated!

I played a bit with your Omnichord patch and expanded it a bit,
that it is a bit easier to choose the chords now.

you can either use the “mutes” to choose the chords,
or you can connect the Bogaudio OFFSET scale to the 8Facex2 and dial in the chords via the “Manual CV” easier now.

Omnichord_edit_rsmus7_01.vcv (10.9 KB)


I have taken the reverb up a bit and taken the Low option on the Plateau down and that seems to have eased the ‘high note ring’ out of it a bit.

Looks like rsmus7 as beaten me to it though. Always good to get other opinions and options!

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