Okay, I'm stupid... Polyphonic?

Happy new year afterwards everyone…

I want to program a song using piano rolls. So I create a BPM source, route it to two piano rolls, add PER piano roll a VCA, an envelope thingy, a VCO pipe of course, a VCA rocket… route it to a mixing bucket… route it to the cheap-o Windows Audio Output shouter…

Monophonic. Why?

Is there are polyphonic Piano Roll?

VCV 1.x

In other words… How to create a nice and smooth accord using a Piano Roll? \oo/

Try this…

…or this…

My favourite VCV based piano roll style polyphonic sequencer are the Entrian ones, but they’re not free.


Well, then I’ll wait for a reply that’s for free.

Oh wait. This site, for real, has moved from “let’s create a community and fitting tools for creating awesome new music” to “let’s make money, money, even more money!!!”, right?

To make things short… VCV: “Pay with your soul!” \oo/

main.tenant literally posted 2 free options for you…

Do you expect to get paid for the work you do? If so, why would you have a problem with other people getting paid for the work they do?

There are plenty of great free modules in Rack. There are also some paid ones. Take your pick. Complaining that some modules cost money and expecting everyone to give you their work for free tends to come across as entitled.


I despair sometimes at how quick people are these days to lose their shit over information they’ve failed to process correctly.


Hmm. I see a huge amount of clickbait and spammy ads about how to make money online, second income streams, selling e-books on Amazon, day trading etc, etc. I’ve never seen an ad that says “Simply spend years of your life developing an open source virtual modular synthesiser system, make it free to use and charge a reasonable amount of money for a few premium modules”. In all fairness, it’s probably a piss poor strategy to make a huge amount of money.

Anyway, if you want a piano roll, use a DAW - VCV is a Eurorack simulator. I’ve never seen a piano roll hardware module, that would be missing the whole point of modular which is getting away from a linear timeline that’s the same every time you press play. If you really want a piano roll, and you want to to use it to sequence modular bleeps, and you violently object to paying for anything then get a free DAW and try running Cardinal, which is a free VST fork of VCV. I hope that helps!


As far as I know, none of the piano-roll style sequencers (Squinky, Entrian) in Rack are polyphonic. So you need a DAW for that.

There’s several things wrong with what you’re saying:

  • VCV Rack did not start out at all like you’re portraying. It started out in 2017 with Andrew Belt creating the first version of VCV Rack, based on earlier work he did. It was open source and free from the beginning.

  • Later he has offered VCV Rack PRO as a paid product for people who wants to use it as a plugin in DAW’s. The bulk of Rack is open source and free, to run stand-alone for everyone, downloads and plugins and all infrastructure hosted for free by Andrew.

  • The vast majority of plugins for Rack are open source and free, and this is very much an open source community by a large margin.

  • The first community around Rack was a forum on Facebook. Later Andrew graciously created this community forum here, based on the brilliant, open source forum software Discourse, which he is funding and running out of his own pocket.

  • The money being made are a few pennies by a few commercial plugins, and then some by Andrew from the PRO version, which, with luck, will continue to enable him to work on Rack full-time.

  • So yes, this forum is very much a vibrant community of people creating great tools and awesome music. The best I’ve ever seen on the internet.

So tell me again - What did you do for the success of Rack and the community today?


Both Squinky Seq++ and the Entrian Sequencers are polyphonic.


Ah, I stand corrected. Was pretty sure that at least Seq++ was not in the beginning.

Lots of things weren’t polyphonic. In fact last night I only just added another polyphonic control feature to VCV Library - KRT Y which is not even in the next bug fix commit and preview as it’s non urgent and still needs testing.

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Perhaps it’s like me being a student who has’nt got “earned” a single penny or whatelse for doing what I am doing. Perhaps my thinking is wrong. Perhaps some code, some notes, some samples WTF HAVE TO MAKE MONEY!!!11eleven!! Perhaps I am just the stupid where you only count bucks aka $$$$

Nope, I think by the time it was released for VCV 1.0 it was polyphonic. There were some test versions for VCV 0.6, which of course did not have polyphony.

i don’t actually understand what you’re saying here. are you admitting you were wrong to be upset about people charging money for the work they put into things? or are you still clinging to your entitled belief that all modules should be completely free because you want them to be?

as someone who develops only free and open source modules for VCV Rack, even I’M baffled by this position you’ve taken.


you high?

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We close this thread as it is getting more and more useless.