Oil can delay

Hello there fellow racketeers, anyone any idea what module combinations would get near to an oil can delay sound?

Here’s a sound example

Tel Ray oil can delay test demo - YouTube

I think you need not combine much, the main ingredient is band passed delay and the Flag Prince of Perception delay has a filter that can variably reduce high and low frequencies and move the center of the band pass. Use it as a send effect and run it full wet and very gently slowly modulate the delay time to get a tiny bit of delay line modulation ( a walk maybe).

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Thanks for replying so quickly. Those modules sound perfect-a building I go.

Something like this:

Oil can delay +F2 Filter.vcv (441.1 KB)

Grayscale supercell has a oilverb mode in the right click menu

It’s Oliverb :wink:

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Oh my… you’re absolutely right. Lol… ah well… oil… oli… I also just realized the question was about delay and not reverb. Either way clouds/supercell is pretty cool too.