Odin 2 by TheWaveWarden a free VST plugin

For those who want some VST for Host :slightly_smiling_face:


I make a mistake. VST3 don’t work with Host.

But you can use the ablaut solution :


Inside VCV I use Reaktor, sometimes I joke with Voltage Modular, but going forward in time they find less space … I doubt I want another vst. But it looks interesting and I’ll try it for sure, thank you very much :vulcan_salute:

I just tried it,
it’s a nice start,
but still needs a lot of work to be really usefull and leave the beta state imho.

but parts of it like the OSC’s would be cool VCV modules :wink:

Thanks @Marc_Brafman , I noticed it a few days ago: however, being a VST3 rather than VST2.x, Host won’t be able to support it (unless you’ve got a workaround which I would be glad to read :slight_smile: ) Did you manage to make it work inside Rack ?

I make a mistake. VST3 don’t work with Host. I’m sorry :neutral_face:

you can use a vst host inside host, such as blue cat’s patchwork

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Très bonne idée.

Works fine. Thank’s ablaut :slightly_smiling_face:

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