odd signatures

Hey guys,

what´s the best clock module for odd time signatures?

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https://www.modulargrid.net/e/addac-system-addac403-vc-time-signature-clock-sources looking for something like this one

odd mean inusual ? like 3/4 5/4 15/8? I not tried yet but I suppose clocked will work for it

yeah unsual instead of tipical 4/4, clock will not work for this i think

one that works is bpm clock by AS

Maybe I’m missing something but how does a clock make a difference to time signature?

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This confused me when I first started with VCV. As I see it, clock modules just send a series of pulses, it’s up to the musician to define that as 1,2,3,4 or 1,2,3,4,5 or no rhythm at all. Clock is just 1,1,1,1.


I vote for zzc’s clock + dividers… has been my default since it came out

The dividers have 2 knobs so you can have 19/84 or 12/34 if you wanted


This is my understanding of it; please let me know if it needs tweaking. And I think you can do it with Clocked and an extra divider.

In a time signature, the lower number is the note value that represents one beat: a lower number of 4 means quarter note, 8 means eighth note.

The upper number of a time signature is the number of beats in a bar/measure.

Time signature examples: 3/4 means three quarter notes per bar, 7/8 means seven eighth notes per bar.

When using AS BPM Clock, the BEAT output produces a beat trigger at the rate specified by the BPM value. The BEAT represents a quarter note - it is not affected by the SIG time signature values. The 8ths output multiplies the BPM clock by two, and the 16th output multiplies the BPM clock by four.

The BAR output is produced according to the SIG time signature. In the following I will refer to the upper value of the time signature as UPPER and the lower value as LOWER. BEATNOTEVALUE is the note value of the BEAT, i.e. 1/4 for a quarter note. BAR is triggered every UPPER/(LOWER*BEATNOTEVALUE) beats.

This is equivalent to a BAR clock rate BARPM = BPM * (LOWER*BEATNOTEVALUE)/UPPER


Time signature: 4/4 BARPM = BPM * (4 * 1/4)/4 = BPM * 1/4

Time signature: 7/8 BARPM = BPM * (8 * 1/4)/7 = BPM * 2/7

See the sample in the attached image.

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@PaulPiko @TroubledMind @Olival_Clanaro have a look a this

yeah i was looking for one that could combine the two things

the 1,2,3,4,5 and if is quarter note, sixteenth note

But isn’t just setting a sequencer’s length to something odd what you want to achieve?

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yeah you can do that

Just use a clock multiplier as mentioned before, like the one from ZZC: You can set your BPM in the Clock module and any odd division in the Divider modules as you want.

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sorry could you explain to me why not, I mean all the clock simply send continues pulses in the time, it is not grouped , the trick is how you divide every spaces between the pulses and how you grouped it before start a the next compas (it could depend of the tool that the clock have and cloked have a lot )

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how would you do for example a 5/8 time sig in clocked?

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thank you all for your insights. yeah this gets a bit confusing indeed…i normally do it with seq…

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Time signatures mean nothing to the computer. Clocked is not aware of the time signature. Time signatures must be created as part of your composition. How do we know something is in 5/8 or 3/4. We must give the listener an audible clue. Whether a repeating pattern of such length, or a particular percussive element on the measure, or a difference in volume to signify a new measure. We must tell the listener to return the count back to 1.


that is very well said indeed! cheers