OBS audio capture drop out

Hi everyone, i am having a specific issue with OBS as where audio is captured fine for a period of time and then suddenly cuts off.

I am on a Mac, and am using Digiface adat. For this card i must use the combination of LadioCast & Blackhole. All works well but each time OBS will cut off the audio capture after 10 - 15 minutes. I must then restart OBS and LadioCast.

I did some searching on the net, the only closest solution i could find that described this situation was to lower the video capture from 60fps to 30fps. But this didn’t help either.

Any ideas/solutions ?

Turning off VCV autosave helped me - I had periodic audio glitches, but on windows 10. My SATA irq priority was higher than my USB audio interface IRQ priority - I changed that too to get a Firewire interface working without glitches, but that was probably unnescessary, and unneeded on Mac.

But anyhow, to turn off autosave:

in Rack\settings-v1.json set

“autosavePeriod”: 0.0


Hi, thanks for your suggestion!
I tried that but it didn’t help in my case.

While i was narrowing down further, i noticed that i had a ticking in the audio stream.
Upon further investigation i concluded that something was getting the ADAT stream out of sync while it was being captured, causing OBS to try and reset the audio stream internally while streaming to the net.

I found what was causing the ticking, apparently LadioCast has to be setup manually (44/48khz etc.). It was set to the default 44.1khz, while the rest of my whole rig is set to 48khz.

So i corrected that now, the ticking is gone, i haven’t seen the audio meters of OBS drop down to zero yet for the last 15 minutes. So i will try out a stream now , and see if all goes well.

Hope this helps anyone else, now or in the future.

edit: i hoorayd too quick heh, while i am glad that i fixed the issue with the ticking as it was bugging me as well, the audio still dropped out. so back to investigating… sigh :smiley:

Ok after a lot of juggling around with different types of approaches, even going out straight from VCV Rack into Blackhole to OBS, still gives a glitch after around 10 -15 minutes.

Did some reading and it seems this version running under Rosetta, even-though it might seem to work well, is suffering from the conversion.

There is a native M1 version nearly ready, but the OBS team is waiting for a closed source item of OBS (browser thingy) to be updated, before they compile the M1 version for public use.
The native version runs significantly faster more stable and allows for hardware encoding using the M1 GPU.

So i guess i’ll wait for that to be finished/released before i try again.

PS. there is a bleeding edge “fork” out there (not really a fork…) which needs to be compiled from source and requires homebrew to be installed for some libraries etc.
But that is a little bit over my head :sweat_smile: