Nysthi Simpliciter Multi - 16 tracks?

I’m just trying to figure out Nysthi Simplicter Multi plugin. It’s brief description says it’s a 1 to 16 track sampler so I am thinking it’s not unlike Nysthi’s two MusicalBox plugins but only with a single playhead.

However after playing around a bit all I can achieve is recording and/or appending a wav into a single track, just like the non-Multi version.

Am I misunderstanding the 16 track description? :confused: If it can have 16 separate tracks then how do I do it? All I can tell it that from the GUI’s is that 1 is stereo input and the Multi is mono.


feed it a 16 channel poly audio cable in to record into it’s 16 tracks?

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Brilliant!!! Thank you!!

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Glad you got it working!