NYSTHI Simpliciter: Exploration/Tutorial

After searching for a manual or detailed tutorial I put my explorations into a video. It shows some stuff one can do with Simpliciter.

Here is the patch:



  • Recording a sample
  • Splitting sample into slices
  • Randomizing samples
  • Save .wav file
  • Delete and load new .wav
  • Add new sounds and sequence
  • Modulate Sample
  • .wav result of: Waldlichtung

I bet there is lots of more stuff one can do with this module. Likewise I am aware that there might be other Modules allowing you to do similar stuff but I really wanted to work with that one. Have fun and leave advise on how to explore the module further, if you want to.


Best glitch sampler in VCV Rack is NYSTHI Simpliciter, so far.


Learned a lot about the module ! Thanks for the video :slight_smile:


Sounds like a very noobish question but how can I simply load a sample from an audio file sitting on my hard drive ? I find the process of having to play from another module and then record into simpliciter very slow. edit: couldn’t find it from right clicking on the module obviously

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Right click on the window where samples appear, I think… if not the option is in a right click on the panel.

You can also drag and drop files from your hard drive into it :slight_smile:


It is on the panel, not the window… “open WAV or AIFF”

Thank you for those fast answers ! I was indeed clicking on the window (and the only time I tried to click on the panel, I guess I didn’t see I could scroll down to see this option)

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Happy to help.

Sorry if it’s a simple question but is there any way to save/export individual slices all together as individual .wav files? For example if there are 50 slices in the player, can I export all 50 of them as separate .wav files?

Thanks so much in advance :baby::pray:


But slices are saved in the wav file if you export it.

Maybe there are softwares that are able to cut it using the saved CUE points.

While we’re discussing the Load/Save Wav File Feature. Is there any way that the module could „warn you“ or signal you about unsaved recordings? I know this is clearly a „the error sits in front of the screen“ situation but I lost a couple of nice recorded samples cause I only saved the VCV patch and forgot to save the wav in simpliciter… if there would be a way for the module to prevent this through a strong visual cue (maybe an „unsaved“ label or changed waveform color) I think a lot of people would appreciate this. I can’t be the only who ran into this.

open a feature request
“all those words/ideas will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to write an issue.” :sunglasses:


Hi @synthi , first of all, thank you for simpliciter, it is probably the best sampler I’ve used. Second, this has probably been asked/answered before, but is there a way to get a trigger output from the slice points? For example, if I load a jazz drum beat sample, with really offtime beats, can I slice it the transients and get a groove clock out to trigger other sequencers?

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Hi! There’s the EOC output that you can use :slight_smile: It should work quite nicely.

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Thanks Omri. I must have overlooked that feature.

No worries, have fun!