NYSTHI Simpliciter: Exploration/Tutorial

After searching for a manual or detailed tutorial I put my explorations into a video. It shows some stuff one can do with Simpliciter.

Here is the patch:



  • Recording a sample
  • Splitting sample into slices
  • Randomizing samples
  • Save .wav file
  • Delete and load new .wav
  • Add new sounds and sequence
  • Modulate Sample
  • .wav result of: Waldlichtung

I bet there is lots of more stuff one can do with this module. Likewise I am aware that there might be other Modules allowing you to do similar stuff but I really wanted to work with that one. Have fun and leave advise on how to explore the module further, if you want to.


Best glitch sampler in VCV Rack is NYSTHI Simpliciter, so far.

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Learned a lot about the module ! Thanks for the video :slight_smile: