Nysthi Simpliciter crash during slicing

Hi all - I love this sampler, but it breaks my heart every time by crashing. I know it’s not actively being developed this is just for archival purposes. @synthi

log.txt (155.7 KB)

And another. This time, the culprit was deactivating peak detection while it was running.

log.txt (51.4 KB)

these log are useless

if you feel there is a bug/crash the best chance for the future

open an issue where you describe precisely HOW to reproduce it, with a minimal set of elements (only nysthi, please) or describing what you were doing

please don’t leave only messages here in the forum ! Will become unnoticed in a couple of days !

a message for everyone: you are unlucky because in this period I like more my daytime job than VCV… :smiley:

but I have MANY debugged situations already in and I’d like to release it

I have a big problem supporting the 4 platforms, too many updates from everywhere!

Ant !