Nysthi Simpliciter: Attempting to Make a Sampling Machine

This is the setup I have so far, but I’m wondering if there is a way to have the samples recorded stored individually so they can be triggered through my MIDI separately; or have them be assigned to a trigger. Any thoughts? Or is my only option to have to have several samplers?

Nysthi & Pyer Dissociates Simpliciter

with simpliciter

  1. there is no autosave of recorded sample (you need to use context menu)
  2. can’t load any new sample via trig/cv/command (only context menu)

Not sure if this is what your asking.
But if you are recording multiple sounds in one take, you can assign sounds from that take to different slices.
Then select those individual sounds through the slice assembler via CV, while the module is being triggered (start).

But like Antonio said, you need to save the recorded sample/take first.
So yes you can have many sounds triggered from within one Simpliciter module (although not at the same time in this module).


Not sure how well it works, but you can also try my 8FACE module to load and trigger different presets of Simpliciter.

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