NYSTHI not updating in VCV Rack 2 Pro

I’ve tried many times but NYSTHI only updates to 30% & then I get the message that it has updated and I’m to restart vcv rack…yet no NYSTHI.

It probably hasn’t updated - unless you see a tick appear to the right of the name (instead of a version number), then the download did not complete.

Nysthi is quite a big plugin and with the server under some strain big plugin downloads often get disconnected before they complete. As soon as it disconnects it moves on to the next plugin in the list or as in your case, if only one, will tell you it has completed.

You just have to keep trying until you see the tick - it will happen eventually.

Or just use this one for now:

Its gonna get updated again soon anyway so might as well save yourself some pain.

I’ve seen this solution in other topics & suspected that the server is under pressure. I’m frustrated. On this pc now now for 30 hours & no sleep. I’ve clicked the Nysthi update more than 100 times (not joking). Suppose I’ll just have to keep trying.

damn, so sorry to hear that… hope u have a nice day, and that it will go your way soon

Dude, go to sleep :). There’s a bug in Nysthi anyway and there will probably be a new update in the library very soon so I’d just leave it for now - or just use the beta I posted above until the new update.

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Thanks for the wise word Steve. Guess I have to get on with something else. I’m not gonna risk frustrating myself even more with beta versions. Later then…

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Same as NYSTHI for OhmerPrems by Dominique Camus and Substation by Slime Child Audio.

And for same reason as I posted above - it’s no coincidence that these are 3 of the largest plugins.

Thanks. downloaded from Your link:-)

after trying all day yesterday i finally got vult👍

if there was a way to partially download updates that can pick up where the last download failed the servers probably would have been happier. right now its that scene in brazil where the two men are fighting over control of their shared desk.

It’s a shame to wait 3 months with baited breath, then buy the Pro version & other modules…Only to use the beta versions…UNTIL FUTHER…NO NOTICE…

Which Nysthi modules have you bought? I thought they were all free and open source.

Nysthi does not receive a penny from either the money you spent on Rack Pro or what you spent on other commercial modules.

Nysthi has 150 modules that he has coded, maintained and now ported to v2 all by himself. And he does that all for free. The least he should be able to expect is a little patience in return.


It seems that there’s a maximum limit on download time in Rack 2, which is causing some updates of larger plugins to fail.

If you run into this issue with Substation, feel free to send me a DM or an email to support@slimechildaudio.com that includes the email you use for Rack, and I can send you the plugin directly. Other plugins can probably do the same if you ask :slight_smile:


Yes, I suspect the same thing too. 10 seconds is definitely too short if you have a slow internet connection. Should be at least 30 s.

Actually NYSTHI (60%), OhmerPrems (40%), Substation (35%) and Valley (70%) don’t load completely.

a litle trick to download manually those premium modules :

try to download with VCV, let stop at XX %% and

close VCV go to the log file generated by VCV (documents/Rack2 folder on W10) and find the https link , copy / paste on any browser )

place the vcvplugin file downloaded on documents/Rack2/plugins folder and launch again

voila :slight_smile:


You are my saviour. Thanks so so much.

Nice trick, thanks, works. Unfortunately no solution for the future, VCV still needs to improve.

This is only a problem at all due to the new release when everyone is trying to download at the same time. It has never been a problem in the last few years with v1 and I expect in a week or so, once everything has calmed down, it will never be a problem again, at least until Rack 3 is released…

Thanks a lot ! Now back to noodling …

It will no longer be a problem when this annoying time limit is removed, as was in v1. Hopefully it will happen soon…