NYSTHI Manual Updates!

Hey all! we’re at 8/100-something modules! v0.0.3!


movin’ on up!

I am no expert but I have put together a quick manual for Nysthi 4 ATT (SUS) REL module if anyone is interested. As a new user I cannot upload it. I am sure that there may be some errors in it but if you let me know I will sort them out.


Nysthi 4 ATT (SUS) REL Tutorial.pdf (527.6 KB) Just a quick manual for 4 ATT (SUS) REL.


GRAZIE MILLE! You are the hero ! :heart:


I know we’re waiting for the manuals but I need some help here - how do I insert delay/duration values into the Elsker module? I’ve tried clicking, right clicking, turning things off, randomising, is there a secret way to do this?

Hold down and drag up and down is how you change the red numbers in Nysthi. right click resets.


the click and drag is positional (faster → slower left->right)


Okaaay …

it’s quirky but once you know what to do it’s okay.

Quirky is one word for it. It’s not explained anywhere that I can find which had led me to ignore Nysthi modules that use this kind of input. And no, it’s not okay once you know. It’s awkward and time-consuming to input eight 5 digit numbers with this method. I am curious - is there a good reason for not being able to simply right click > type in the number? Is it a copyright issue? Will it work like this in Rack 2.0?

because when I implemented it there was no “right click and input value” action and this was the only way to input precise values


For what it’s worth, I like that feature…

Janneker can take keyboard input and has some other interesting keyboard controls. The shortcuts are listed in the section “Manually Entering Values”. This is the also the doc where I found the instructions for the click and drag numerical entry.

OK fair enough - now I know how to do it I can use your modules.

I get why no full manuals are available so maybe we can use this thread to give tips like this.