NYSTHI Impulse Reverb + Free 'Teufelsberg' IR

until a few days ago i had no idead that we already have a Impulse Reverb for VCV Rack, thanks to Antonio Tuzzi from NYSTHI!! i also used the wormholizer for the first time and made something like wobbly tape effect with it (guess the parameter i’m using is something like a cv delay?) this is just a short example, i used this patch for another recording with some other modules for my next project:)
the link for the impulse response from the teufelsberg (old nsa field station in berlin) is in description


Really interesting sounds and textures. Well done :wink:

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Far out, I’ve used Convolvzilla a fair bit, but that is some next level Impulse Response and your patch brings out the very best of it. Stunning stuff.

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Here’s what I made inspired by your patch:

On Windows 10

@PaulPiko @pgatt Try https://www.dropbox.com/s/i9xlgipinauhzpi/Haunted.wav?dl=0

Thanks for sharing this video! I did a bit of research and found some interesting free impulse responses pack here: http://www.samplicity.com/bricasti-m7-impulse-responses/