Nysthi Etchasketchoscope

Just when I think it’s safe to look around and do something, @synthi goes and builds another great module - Etchasketchoscope.

This takes me back to the old days of 1980s TAFE night classes and BWD oscilloscopes (fellow Aussies might understand that :smile: )

The old label maker is a nice touch too!


you have a FAST computer ! :slight_smile:

it’s pretty cool. I’ve used it in a couple of streams to make a kind of robot monkey’s face while S.A.M. burbles random wisdom (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/497221448 hereabout an hour in).
I have noticed that the thickness of the lines doesn’t scale when you zoom in and out.

Intel i7 8700 plus 16G RAM plus GTX1050Ti - took a year to upgrade :moneybag: