@nysthi DissonantVerb getting some Sarah Belle Reid love.

I have to admit this was a trick I’d never thought up and I really like the noise she’s making with 2 modules.

I was surprised that she isn’t on the community forum.


Yes, Sarah has a talent for making some wonderfully bonkers sounds! I like the way she uses CV feedback loops to do weird things.

Can’t play the video.

Dissonantverb is a favorite, though :slight_smile:

Here’s a screen y.

Thanks. That indeed will yield great results.

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Can’t play it if you click on “Watch On Facebook?”

Yes, that works

I even don’t see any link to a video :thinking: (here in firefox)

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I couldn’t play the video in Safari but the Facebook link worked on Chrome.

This 100 why I hate when people only post video on Facebook. They’re always dirty links.

She might have also put it on Instagram, I should have checked.


It’s on her insta: Sarah Belle Reid on Instagram: "Here's a little experimental sound design tutorial using just 2 modules in VCV Rack—this is a mini generative patch that uses only a random voltage generator and a fun reverb module (that also has some pitch shifting built in). 🎛✨🌀 Watch the video for step-by-step instructions! This patch will vary a ton based on the reverb you’re using and how you choose to modulate things; let me know if you give it a try and what you discover! ❤️ PS: for those who are unfamiliar with this software, it's called VCV Rack :) #modularsynth #eurorack #sounddesign #electronicmusic #experimentalmusic #synthesis #synthesizer #musicproduction #modularsynthesizer"

Thanks for flagging btw, it’s a great video!