Nysthi dissonantverb fan thread

So Plateau is in all our patches, right? And rightly so, because it’s a great plate reverb. But i want to point out a generally overlooked alternative.

(I am of course a shameless Nysthi fan, and still there’s always some overlooked function or module that I discover (still waiting for the Nysthi merchandise, can we have t-shirts?)

Anyway, the Nysthi Plateverb is great, but the Dissonantverb is something else. Really great for creating an inspiring atmosphere. Just play around a bit with the dissonance settings.

/end of commercial message.



That’s it! Are they also available in Nysthi blue?

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No T-shirt idea to offer, but I love dissonantverb too, I just wanted to state that. It is really good. It does not have to be Plateau OR Dissonantverb, I also like Dissonantverb INTO plateau ! I also like to do controlled (more or less) feedback of one into the other, etc etc. Nysthi modules are a real treasure in general, I regularly just go check one I don’t use yet, and almost never go “meh”.

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I just used the “Wormholizer” for the first time yesterday, and it’s also really cool, especially as an insert with per-step-modulation. It goes “Tsuuuuf” and “Tswoewoewoep.”

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