NYSTHI custom controls driving me nuts

In particular the Numeric parameter displays you need to drag to the value you want. They don’t allow the user to type in exact values, and they can be fiddly to get to exactly the right value.

I hate to criticize this, as I really love the Nysthi modules. I use ConstAddMult and Rael frequently, so I’m constantly dragging parameters in those modules.


It moves faster the further left you are i n the field, so stay on the right side when dragging, if you want fine control, left if you want to get to into the ballpark quickly


I know how it works, I still find it fiddly to dial a desired value. And I can’t use Stoermelder Stroke to copy and paste values into it.

These may not be anyone else’s workflow. And as I said, I know what I’m getting with Nysthi. All his modules are quirky, but give you unique ways to do things.


you can use RAEL in “type the text you want” mode too … :smiley: (check the contextual menu)

sorry not for the ConstAddMult… :frowning: (I’ll put it on the toDo )


bless you sir!!!